The Time Tonight!

by Tanya

I untied my hair
Swiftly carressed with my fingers
Fell on the bed
Magnetised by the pillow!

Looked up to see
And out of the big window
Ah! What a sight!
I stared and glared!

Amidst the unsymmetric pattern
Formed by a number of wires
There stood the brightest star
In its full flare!

A twinkle here
A twinkle there
With the featureful moon
I had the chance to wander!

I wondered and smiled
For there lied just us
Mesmerized by one another’s beauty
On the bed and up, above!

I tried sleeping
As I love dreaming
But its eye on me, dominated
So, here I am penning down the beauty!



6 Comments to “The Time Tonight!”

  1. I thought you were going to say you looked up and saw the biggest spider in the world

  2. This was a really great piece! Loved the “magnetized by the pillow” and “mesmerized by one another’s beauty”. You always seem to find a way of putting words together that make me laugh!

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