Contemplating the Size and Nature of the Human Heart

by braveandrecklessblog

Is my heart

the size of a grape

that you pop absently into your mouth

a brief burst of sweetness

before realizing that you are still ravenous?

Is my heart

a peach

that you savor

juices running down your chin

tasting warmth and sunshine?

Perhaps my heart

is a snow globe

full of delicate irridescent particles

that land on your eye lashes

your skin

when it is brought to life

by your hands

I fear that my heart

is the moon

full of cold silver light

mysterious and ancient

too large to hold in your arms

always just a little out of reach


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

Image courtesy of Pixabay


8 Comments to “Contemplating the Size and Nature of the Human Heart”

  1. A most complex machine

  2. Fantastic! I’ve always enjoyed food imagery. Using food is great in my opinion because it is so ingrained into the human experience and it allows you to engage the senses beyond taste to smell and touch, making it very versatile in poetry.
    Pontificating aside, it’s just a good poem.

  3. I love the line – iridescent colours

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