Yesterday I saw the most delightful sight

by Harry

Submitted by Hindoya


Yesterday I saw the most delightful sight
the moon above and a single star alight
the winter sky was blue-black so enticing
it was a placid night captivating almost enchanting
I looked up the streaky cloud along with moonlighting
magically opened revealing a note to me inviting
for it heeded my attention in way of skywriting

as I gazed staring into space and infinity above
I was subconsciously humming a solemn melody of love
watching the silence of the night seemingly bloom
In my heart and mind I continually sang a melancholy tune
the audience were all seated for the black tie event
even the air had a tantalising rose and jasmine scent
the stage was all set as the curtains slowly parted
scene one of the pantomime had just about started.
The tall crescent moon stood silent and still
by his side a lone star sensually dressed to kill
its curvaceous silhouette in a hugging silver gown
what a lovely creation that our God has brought
its the beauty of our planets peace we always sought
the image in my mind was starting to coalesce
a pantomime I saw a dream like a solace
the moon had asked the star to dance
the star so pretty had stood its stance
with pride head held high and self esteem
as the crescent moon looked handsome and lean
in a black tuxedo and still his shine was ignored
despite his striking handsome face we all adored
the moon stretched out an arm requesting a dance
magically feeling an attitude surge it was his chance
star glanced at moon but abruptly turned away
“your brightness is blinding my vision I say “
and drifting upon a silver cloud it glided away

star had hidden out of view for somewhere to hide
away from moon hard to get beaming with pride.
The moon again appeared though utterly upset
Stood hesitantly defeated but trying to forget
As days and nights exchanged their turns
The moon stood patiently as a jury adjourns
waiting anticipating and hoping beyond hope
that a miracle may happen then they can elope!
So one night a dusky horizon showed a lone star aglow
the moon enticed turned towards brightness of star
her sapphire gown floating like a venetian gondola
swallowing his pride,Moon decides to try once again
his head held high arms stretched out, spine in lordosis
suddenly notes of music filled the air no time for poses
the night smelled of love filled freshly cut roses
Bass clef, treble Clef, beats and flat notes everywhere
as bright Moon shone and held sparkling Star they danced all night
from that day on they merged to form an astounding telescopic sight.
I felt that such a splendid show truly deserved a standing ovation
miraculously this awe-inspiring view can be seen in every place in every nation.


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