Oh tell me Easter Bunny

by Harry

Poetry challenge: Easter poem.


Submitted by hindoya


Oh tell me Easter Bunny
what is it you find so funny?
the way your hopping and sometimes stopping
or the feeling and sight of your ears a’ flopping
could be the sound of children’s laughter
they are sure its not a carrot your after
for you are strong and fast a burrows crafter

famously known you are easters mascot
hopping around with a candy basket
or coloured eggs so nicely designed
make sure no candy or egg is dropped behind
or even the path of your paws prints bear in mind
as your game of hide and seek will be over
your chores, another bunny may take over
you shall miss the fun of hide and seek
what a pity as you always had good technique
you radiate an ecstatic feeling and a winning streak
please bunny don’t break those eggs I ask
an omelette for breakfast before the task
will make me feel so strong and energetic
we learn to be truthful of mistakes apologetic
of all our pets we chose you bunny so aesthetic
did you know I have a bunny toy who looks like you
so soft and fluffy his large ears so floppy in light blue
cute little nose with large whiskers coming through
large eyes so intense with an all over field of view
I so love bunny shaped chocolates to nibble and chew
same applies to candies and sweets so yummy
take care as too much chocolates may upset your tummy!
lets always remember to share as all food is a blessing
kindness to others and giving its goodwill expressing !


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