In the Deep

by Stephen Fuller

In the soil, deep down in flowered pots

Before the small pebbles and compost rot

The shredded papers begin their decline.


Digging, digging, digging a hole to plant

New flowers I have chosen to supplant

All those buried and shredded thoughts of mine.

Now I grow something fresh, sounding the same

Finding courage to speak, pushing away shame,

Words that have floated across the sea brine.


How did I become, after all, in spite

Of my efforts to run, run without respite

My songs still singing to me line after line.


Now in this pot new flowers begin growth

While my pen finds my heart still flows

From this place with you I found benign.


Thank you, now walk with me, keep me in view

I do not wish to run, alone in this blue.


For Tanya, Siren, Chuck and Gina



2 Comments to “In the Deep”

  1. beautiful rhyme each line seeping gently into the next. my favourite is – “Finding courage to speak, pushing away shame,”

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