The Eyes Series: Deception

by scatterednotebooks

Deep, deep in his dark, bright eyes
sits the ice and snowy death
of his past.
The deeds he’d done
the wrongs he’d spread
like a plague
to the innocent.
The knowing haunts him,
like the nightmares
he caused,
and he wishes they’d go away.
The monster within
swirls and dances,
unknown, unrecognized,
when he faces the mirror.
The deception from within
is reversed by the magic
in the reflective glass;
he smiles, seeing nothing
and knowing everything.
His smile turns wicked,
for he knows
No one really recognizes him
– Not even his mother.

© L. Rose (1990s)

The Eyes Series – #1

4 Comments to “The Eyes Series: Deception”

  1. Like the last line – nice!

  2. Wonderfully done!! Very detailed and descriptive but dark!!!!! Makes me long for a final line – “and the good guys finally won” – Yeah!!! I don’t do well in a dark room with a scary movie! LOL!

    • Thanks Reluctant! Yeah, discovering some of these darker pieces freak me out a little, too. But sometimes the ideas are just there – news stories, tv shows, life – unfortunately, darkness happens – the words or ideas sometimes find there way to the page.

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