I Dream

by markfahmy


I dream not of titles before my name,
nor of trophies to adorn my shelf
I dream my simple heart stays the same;
that I do not lose my undecorated self

I dream not of precious gold,
nor of shallow fame
I dream of having stories to be told,
and of having a bigger aim

I dream not of fake friends,
nor of cases of half-love
I dream of new experiences on weekends,
and showers of cleansing rain from above

I dream of foreign places,
and of distant stars I’d like to roam
I dream of meeting new unfamiliar faces,
and yet feeling inside at home..


photo from pexels.com

3 Comments to “I Dream”

  1. When a poem has deep meaning, and that too with perfect rhyming, I can’t help but comment! Great job here. Nicely done 👍

  2. An unfamiliar face is here to say,
    You’ve dreamed a very good dream today!

  3. Please do not spam blogs

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