Happy Birthday Duke

by scatterednotebooks

Photo by Linda Rose

It’s been a full year, since you first joined our clan
and hid yourself there inside my bag.
You didn’t quite know what to make of us,
all coo-ey, and huggy, and making a fuss.
Our kitchen floor had you splayed on all fours
’til we brought you upstairs to the carpeted floor.

You wouldn’t come near us, and in a cute little quirk,
you hid yourself in my tool-bag from work.
For about twenty-minutes, you hid – and no whining –
but eventually emerged from where you were hiding.
Since then it has been a whirlwind of joy
with us getting to know our smart little boy,
who by four months of age, could sit like a pro,
knows “down,” and “off,” and fairly puts on a show.
okay, you’re not great at the words “come” or “stay”
but you’re working hard, and get better each day.
We can’t seem to get you to stop with the fetching;
you sure do impress us with your passionate catching.
At just six months old, on a trip to the pond,
you once again shocked us with how you caught on.
Oh, you had been swimming – that wasn’t the news –
but now swimming and fetching, and boy did you cruise.
I’m so glad you joined us in our little clan
a true family member, you’ve exceeded our plan
You’re sometimes a handful, and kind of a kook
from our shy little puppy, comes one year old Duke.


Photo by Linda Rose

© L. Rose (4/12/17)

2 Comments to “Happy Birthday Duke”

  1. I’m just fine, thank you. I’ll swing by when I can and take a look. Happy Blogging!

  2. Please do not spam blogs

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