My Truth

by braveandrecklessblog

My words

My blood

My bones

My tears

My pain

My joy

My heart

My soul


You may steal

My words


My sentences


My verse

But my


Have marked them

They are woven

Like strands of my DNA

The essence of who I am

Rings true

You will not

Steal my voice

You shall not

Steal my truth

Forces far more powerful

Far more fierce

Than you

Have tried to silence me

And still I stand


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

#10 of my favorite poems that I’ve written (for the not-so-reluctant poet)

6 Comments to “My Truth”

  1. You go Girl!! Loved the topic and the tone – forceful, strident? Loved the DNA reference and fingerprints. You always seem to hook me with your words! Although I just need to make sure that “Steal, Borrow” reference wasn’t applying to “memories captured in amber”. Don’t really want to go into hiding! Ha!

    Thanks for the #10 reference. I’m working my way there as fast as I can – glacial speed. LOL! I’m not liking that we are on the verge of #11 and #12!!! You may force me to move the goal posts to 20! Ha! No, since you have been so wonderfully kind to me and your followers to dig these out I won’t ask for More! At least for now. I will warn you I have a problem when I find something/someone I like – I’m addicted to More! LOL! Bravo, Bravo Christine!

    • No worries Reluctant Poet! I wrote this after someone blatantly plagiarized multiple poems (pages actually) by one of the Sudden Denouement writers. I went a little Mama Bear and was trying to offer her some moral support.

      Maybe we could compromise for now on my 15 favorites. . .

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