I Remember

by russtowne

I Remember

Life is full of so many blessings

that it is small of me to complain

about its challenges,

but I sometimes still do,

forgetting that challenges

are often the greatest opportunities

for growth and learning.

And then there are those

thankfully rare

other times

when I’ve felt

so overwhelmed

by all the “opportunities for growth and learning”

that I yearned for something,


to not be a challenge,

if just for a moment,

so I could catch my breath,

adjust my attitude,

and keep moving

toward brighter times.

I remember

how hard it was for me

during such bleak moments

to appreciate my blessings,

those times when I felt

I was being so forcefully pounded

by the challenges of life that

I could barely think or breathe.

But I also remember

how I felt

when at such times

someone extended a helpful hand,

a warm smile,

or the even smallest kindness.

I cherish those memories

and the feelings I have

when I experience

anyone doing the same.

This is dedicated to those

who are in such dark

and troubling times

and to those

whose kindness helps them

to a place where life’s blessings

can be felt and appreciated.

With Love,



2 Comments to “I Remember”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to say so.

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