A Passover Limerick

by Joel Kravitz


Happy Holidays. To all my Christian friends – Happy Easter. And to all my Jewish friends – Happy Passover. Tonight the Jewish people celebrate their escape from slavery in Egypt. Like all Jewish holidays, Passover has holiday specific symbolic food. Matzo, unleavened bread, is the focal point of the Passover food and it takes great cooking skill to turn this edible cardboard into something palatable. But making it easier to go in does not make it easier to go out…..

Passover is “Bread of Affliction” week,
And despite great cooking technique,
Much to our consternation
The “Affliction” is constipation…..
For Jews, a bind that ties so to speak!

3 Responses to “A Passover Limerick”

  1. Same to you Joel, enjoy your constipation 🙂 .


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