in the dark of winter

by Singledust

We look out across the field
covered with snow from the night before
I gaze into your eyes and never want to see spring
and lose this warm winter feeling

Alas! When the snow melts
I must let you leave for warmer weather
Oh! How my heart longs for our cold winter days
With you holding me as I shiver
Under leaf bare trees without any cover


6 Comments to “in the dark of winter”

  1. We don’t have snow here…so we don’t experience winter; so it is always a joy to read winter poems…this one is lovely Gina..

  2. This poem is so much more enjoyable with the knowledge that you haven’t really seen much snow living on the equator. You captured so well a lover’s longing for spring not to come in order to keep the beloved from having to leave. Loved the internal wishing this poem shows. Lovely fiction mirroring real life.

    I have experienced this same feeling but for me it was “cursing the sun” for ending a heavenly night! Perhaps, a seed I can pass back to You, My Generous Friend? I will be on the lookout for it!!! Ha!

    • thank you Charles, yes I haven’t seen snow hoping someone takes me on that walk one day, this is my biggest wish. Happy you could connect with this feeling my friend.

      • That is my wish for you too! Snow can be fun if you can get out of it when you need to. We lived in Sacramento so we were only an hour and a half from Lake Tahoe and all the snow you could want. We got to drive home and leave it behind when we wanted. I am hoping you get your walk someday – Soon.

      • Are You going to take that seed (cursing the sun) and see if You get a Blossom?? LOL!

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