I Am

by braveandrecklessblog

I am

fragments of poetry

wisps of dreams

drifting musical notes

memories captured in amber

metal dragons

origami cranes

blood orange kisses

words of strength

etched in ink on skin


Poet’s soul

woman’s heart

lover’s passion

witch’s spirit

Shield Maiden’s battle cry

pieces of me, all


I drink the moon

hear my own music in my veins

listen to all the women I am

who demand to be

made visible

made whole

who tell me that I am

done apologizing

done containing

my darkness

my fierceness

my light

to make others comfortable

I am

done whispering


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

I believe this is #7 (could be #8) on my list of favorite poems I have written.  For those of you are interested in such things. . .


7 Comments to “I Am”

  1. Melting words – I have simply ‘slip-slid’ away in their beauty. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Christine! Me, me. I’m interested. I’m loving Your countdown so much. Loving the slow binge of your greatest hits! 7 or 8? That’s getting a little to close to 12 I think. Maybe if you find some new poems then you can replace some on the list and we will get More!!!

    I loved each one of your lines! Each a separate brush stroke with its own color and dynamic from a gentle wisp of a dream that is barely visible to the broad swath of fierceness that shouts to us at the ending!! Bellissimo, Christine!! So elegant!

    I was especially captured by a number of lines but none more than your “memories captured in amber”! I’m afraid I will have to make that a deposit in your account at my Word Bank! That’s exactly how they feel. Loved the Jurassic Park image!

    • Reluctant Poet– you are going to give an ego that doesn’t fit through my doorways! I write poetry daily but I have been trying to spare the readers of the Poet’s Corner my darker work which is pretty heavy in the themes of depression, PTSD and sexual violence.

      • Well, I don’t think anyone who knows you or follows you believes you are going to develop any type of huge ego! However, One should hear the heartfelt words of those who enjoy and are moved by your work!

        We will trust your discerning judgment about what to post. Whatever you post is fine, but we will take More of those like “I AM”. Please accept my deepest and sincerest thanks to you for the “Seed of Inspiration” your “memories captured in amber” provided me this morning!! So glad to have You in the “Inspirators Club”!!!!

  3. Christine, post what ever poetry you write dark or not, we have all kinds here.

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