Queen of Nothing

by braveandrecklessblog

i sat in cherry

upon the hand carved

throne of  ivory bone

in the empty room

of chiseled stone

with its vaulted ceilings

that echo with the silence

black and white diamond tiles

patterning  the floor

no woven tapestries

of virgins fair or unicorns

to soften the harsh space

the cold is bitter chill

seeps into my bones

my breath a frozen mist

frost licking at the

leaded windows

in this frozen dream

no servants to wait upon my word

no court in my thrall

a queen of nothing

of no one

not even myself

to command

I long to return to a

richer sanity


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved


10 Comments to “Queen of Nothing”

  1. is that your voice Christine?

  2. Really loved the way you painted the scene with your words and then gave us the deeper meaning. Queen of Nothing is a great title. Just goes to the fact that no one, not even Kings and Queens control everything – health, weather, feelings or the feelings of others. I do love the audio files of you reciting your poem. I guess it is my love of closing my eyes and hearing the words softly fall upon my ears. Kudos.

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