A Few “Nomination Abomination” Limericks

by Joel Kravitz

flawd justice

A United States Supreme Court Justice is appointed for life to make legal decisions regarding the constitutionality of the laws of our nation on all levels. A Supreme Court Justice is the watch guard of the ideals on which this great nation was founded. There is a responsibility to both those ideals and We The People. Those Justices have the most real power in this country as their decisions can effect hundreds of millions of people. They are Judges. They are not politicians. Their motivation is right and wrong and a promoting a higher good if it is within the parameters set by the Constitution. Their motivation is not greed or special interest. Now all that is being challenged by the politicians whose only motivation is greed and special interest. And that led to this…

He opposes everything from Women’s Rights to special education,
And the other seven judges oppose Gorsuch’s nomination.
But McConnell will “nuke” history
To advance inequality….
And make America a rich, white man’s nation.

The Republicans’ agenda’s not new.
It’s what they’re always trying to do.
But as hard as they try,
America won’t buy
Liberty and Justice for few.

And they know that they’re going down.
But as long as Trump wears the crown,
The Republicans feel
It is a license to steal…
Until they get run out of town.

The next four years are going to be the defining moments for the survival of The United States. I hope I survive it. I really want to see the first 100 days of the next President. Can you say, “180 degree reversal”? That is historically the American Way.

2 Responses to “A Few “Nomination Abomination” Limericks”

  1. Humor will help us all survive these years! That and solidarity


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