My Dear Companion

by braveandrecklessblog

We have only recently met

But there is a sense of inexplicable


An easiness of souls

Like greeting an old, dear friend

Whom I share a deep

History with


As if we had shared

A babysitter as toddlers

And peanut butter sandwiches and Fritos

In the lunchroom in grammar school

And protected each other

From others’ hurtful words

Fought off each other’s bullies

On the playground

Provided band-aids for

Each other’s first broken hearts


What is it about you

That feels so comfortable

So much like home?

There is a piece of you

That feels like it could be

A piece of me

Kindred spirits, twin souls


I am struck by the fact

That your bright shining soul

Is easy to embrace and love

Unconditionally, even from afar

If I can feel that tenderness

For your heart

For your soul

That feels at times as familiar as my own

My new-old friend

Could I learn to love that piece of me?


#4 of my favorite poems I have written



4 Comments to “My Dear Companion”

  1. Wow! You have really hooked me on your audio embeds!!! I’m really loving your voice reading your words to me. It is so grand to be able to close my eyes and focus on your words and your voice delivering the feelings from your heart and soul!! I am loving Your countdown soooo much, but I’m starting to feel that it is flying by too fast. I think we all need an every other day schedule so that we can savor your posts for a little bit longer!

    I loved so many of your lines here but this reached out and touched me –
    “There is a piece of you

    That feels like it could be

    A piece of me

    Kindred spirits, twin souls” (Come see my “Kindred Spirits)
    along with the “old-new friend”

    You painted such a masterful vision with your detailed description. I can close my eyes and listen to you reading as if it is the opening scene of a Movie like “Beaches”, absolutely stunning! I think you may be judging your poems a little harshly! I think you might have missed a few extra points for this poem! I love it, love it, love it! You touched me with this one!

    • You are very kind! This was written for my dear friend Max Meunier, another WordPress poet. I actually have a series of collaborative poems I could share after this that I am deeply fond of– not only do I write with S Francis, but I have also written with OldePunk of RamJet Poetry, Lois Linkens and the Wayward Sisters

  2. I agree a lovely poem

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