held in your twilight

by Singledust

There’s a striated peace you give my soul
that settles when you touch bone and say
Come sleep with me in this blued travesty
You see all the dreams I burned by twilight
A vivid memory you will taste soft screams
Come alive on me through shiny satin skin
Held warm by twilight and aroused arise I

wake your flesh and skin you tremble thin
beneath my fingertips like fine lines skim
Wanting you begging you fill the wells of
My sorrows deep as you whisper droplets
In my ear and I feel you quivering tightly
And glow dark under me I let you release
the love you have finally awoken into me


12 Comments to “held in your twilight”

  1. super sensuous Singledust– I highly approve!

  2. What a sensual piece on a saturday morning..

    Really good …☺☺☺☺i am smiling..

  3. What a gorgeous description.
    And “striated peace”… that’s fascinating.

  4. Whoa!! What an exquisite gem of romantic and sensual words You have woven into an image of desire and ecstasy! Fantasy or not it is so moving!! I should tell you my favorite words but You said them best so I will leave them unspoken or mentioned by me. Bellissimo Singledust, Bellissimo!

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