Calm is the best way

by Harry

Submitted by Nacklo

Calm is the best way to describe the night.

Silence hangs in the air strangely unperturbed by the only man that’s awake at 3 A.M in the morning.

The same man that is currently climbing past the suicide barriers at Clifton.

More silence, then the ugly crash of skin meeting water at 90 miles per hour, organs rip from the chest, an unconscious mans lungs fill with water.

The smug silence returns.

Pained silence –

That’s pain in the silence. Using sly eyes and mixed signals so your friends miss the visuals, the symptoms of your hurt.

Its forcing yourself to smile again because a smile is easier than having to explain, the only reason I’m unhappy is because I’m me. Because I can’t escape this skin, this body.

Lost at home. Constant cyclical highs and lows.

Pay no attention to the man behind the mask,

he’s not special,

he’ll live or die depending on his mettle,

But what’s another life in the grand scheme.

Michael Morris 1997-2017

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