by dokurtybitz

Half a thousand
Listening to my
Bipolar fueled rants and

It’s always an amazement
And honor
Each time I see the notice,
“<X> has followed you”.
thank you all.


3 Comments to “-06.03.17_13:49-”

  1. I’m bipolar, but I just get unfollowed when I fail at bottling things up. There I go again.

    • Better to let it out, bottling it up can hurt yourself, true friends and acquaintances will stay though the bad times, look to them, not the transients moving through life, people come & go, the only constant is those who choose to stay

      • I know. But I don’t live where my friends live unfortunately. Thus, when i have to finally explode, he who gets it earned, at least, part of it.

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