Local Politics

by Sebastian St.John Montgomery-Greystoke


You’ve never really had a proper paid job.
Not for you, the nine to five slog.

Some would say your achievements are zero,

But in your own mind you’re a conquering hero.

So where do you turn, a fellow such as you…
Who craves recognition, but hasn’t got a clue?

I think you would thrive in the political bubble,
The perfect arena for your meddling and trouble.

Your corrupt, you are greedy, you’ve very thick skin.
Those ignorant plebs will soon vote you in.

You can milk the expenses for doing bugger all
And raise my taxes to piss against the wall.

You can ignore the voters of this rotten little ward
There’s no oversight, and you thrive on discord.

It no longer matters who you piss off
With your selfish agenda and your snout in the trough.

Embezzlement! Lies! You touched a boy’s bottom!
That’s yesterday’s scandal. These things quickly forgotten.

And when at last your term’s finished and done
You can take your title, your pension….and run!

New incompetents then, to take on your mess
Like you, they are inept, but never will confess.



2 Comments to “Local Politics”

  1. Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  2. Such a sad commentary on today’s politician. Surely they are not all like that. Isn’t it just a few obnoxious ones who are the rotten apples tainting the others in the barrel? Unlike the molding strawberries hidden at the bottom of the basket, these spongers are right there on top, spreading their poison for all to see. Surely their greed and corruption in the light of day can be eradicated. No?

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