The Monster’s Return

by Frank Hubeny

My little daughter goes to sleep.
I hope that monster doesn’t creep
Back to her bed to say, “Hello!”
She tells me that it’s wicked, though.

Now in her dreams, she starts to see
That monster dancing gracefully,
Until it slips on floppy feet,
Then thinks it needs something to eat.

“But don’t eat me!” She looks at it.
“I’m not that tasty.” So, they sit.
It says it’s never had a friend.
No one can trust it in the end.

It starts to weep and she looks sad.
She hurries off to tell her dad,
“A monster’s in my room and cries.
It’s cute and has the kindest eyes.”


9 Comments to “The Monster’s Return”

  1. the last 2 lines really tugged at my heart strings, such a sweet child you have raised to see the beauty in the sad monster’s eyes. Loved reading this!

    • It is good to have empathy even for one’s enemies (or monsters) although we have to try to make sure they don’t cause harm. I am glad you liked the last two lines.

      • That was a lovely way to teach kids empathy and tolerance too, even for things they don’t understand or are different than they are. I did like those last 2 very much. Innocence and trust were the key elements I felt.

  2. I too especially enjoyed the last to lines of this interesting poem.

  3. So the daughter sees the monster in her dreams, and sees a different side: graceful, yet clumsy – lonely. Though, I too enjoyed the last two lines, my personal favorite lines are:
    “But don’t eat me!” She looks at it. / “I’m not that tasty.” So, they sit. /
    I can kind of see them just sitting quietly, and then the monster confessing
    “It says it’s never had a friend. / No one can trust it in the end.” /
    Frank, this is great!

    • Yes. That is how I see it as well. She is protecting herself from the monster whom she originally sees as wicked. The monster breaks down admitting it’s problems which allows her to drop her defenses and open her heart to it. I am glad you liked it!

  4. Isn’t amazing what happens when we can spend time together with others so we can see their point of view. Really great. Good parenting skills.

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