The Harrowing of Westminster Gore*

by Harry

Submitted by Peter Connell
Earth has none more gruesome to show,
Than this sick’ning vision that begs
the soul to go From this scene of slaughter
and hate Which doth wear a mantle,
implicate Of maimed and motionless shapes, over-run;
Ending in smoking mess of tangled Tucson.

Dear God, verily the Nation’s Heart doth weep
To see its guardian gored in one fell sweep.
The bull is speared and brought to ground
The air is rent with siren sound The scene with
phantoms doth abound, Intent on succour or flight profound.
In confusion, dashing for solid shelter
Resembling a veritable Helter-skelter,
Whilst green-clothed aides calmly tend the injured flood,
And gridlock stills the City’s life-blood,
Where the harrow’s teeth have ploughed
And broadcast, to a sorrowing world, the seed aloud.
*Gore : ‘Blood’ ‘To pierce or stab’ ‘A triangular piece of land.

One Comment to “The Harrowing of Westminster Gore*”

  1. These horrific events affect us all, and I admit that, for a moment, I forgot you guys are out there – elsewhere – and perhaps directly affronted and assaulted. From Wisconsin, USA – My family and I send our condolences.

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