Love..I just wished..

by Tanya

I so wished to be loved
I was not entitled to..

I have been a lonesome boy
I had none to call mine..

I see love
Not in my big house
But here and there..
They call it- Home

I see boys being kissed
I see girls being pampered
They have them
I have none to call

They say they are them
But never beyond names they went
I wish they had ever been here
To kiss and pamper me like them

I wouldn’t feel right
From the first day they called
I ran from place to place
Door to door..
For all I seeked was love
And nothing more..

I wish to sit in a lap
Talked to and taught
Those right words and manners
But they thought I knew all
And bothered not to feed me at all

I am just a child
I am just human
I wish to be loved
I just wished they loved!


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