Surrender to Decay

by braveandrecklessblog

The words in italics are directly taken from the Beverage Menus at Fermenteria and Tired Hands Brew Cafe. They serves as inspiration for this poem.

He was half gentleman, not beast

An ever charming sentinel

Marked by his military bearing

She found him to have an awake mind

Full of Blue Eyed Soul

Relentlessly dry sense of humor

She was sanguine in his presence

Reminiscent of aromatic cedar


Gently sturdy




She declared him Lord Invader

Of her precious heart


She was imminently crushable

Satsuma orange

Wildflower honey

A dizzying array

Of delicate

Balanced by a small portion

Of fresh stainless


Together they created a home for hope

A classic combination for deliciousness

Riding the Darjeeling Express

They chose to

Surrender to decay

And dedicate themselves

To the in-house consumption

Of a red blended from a variety of small-format oak barrels

And each other


2 Comments to “Surrender to Decay”

  1. A worthy drink and poem, cheers 🙂

  2. Thank you! It was an assignment for a creative writing class I am taking and great fun to tackle.

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