An “Is The Tide Turning?” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

marvel villain

Trump had a pre-election core of supporters who are white and part of a middle class that is experiencing a decline in their standard of living. They are disillusioned and frustrated by this and feel that the last eight years of government has failed them. Donald Trump represented a chance for them get back what they feel they have lost or have had taken from them. He used proven methods to appeal to their emotions. He was counting on the fact that when emotion runs high, IQ runs low and he could incite them to drop their IQ’s to a level low enough where they would overlook that he is unashamed and unapologetic for being a scumbag and vote for him. It appears that he also feels that if they were dumb enough to vote for him, they deserved what he had in store for them.

I feel badly for these people. They saw Trump as a Marvel Comic Superhero. What they have discovered is that they got the comic book character part right, but with their diminished IQ’s, they couldn’t tell the difference between a hero and a villain. Now they are paying for it and their lot is going to get worse. To add insult to injury, it’s being served with betrayal. They are now seeing the truth. Hopefully, they will get off the emotional rollercoaster and get their IQ’s back up to where they can make good decisions and help correct the mistake…..And it led to this…

The first sixty two days have been trying.
Now Trump supporters are crying
That they’ve been forsaken –
Their needed services taken –
And they now know Trump’s always been lying!

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