Are You A Head Banger

by graypoet


We’ve all witnessed the effect that music can bring forth
Hard Rock or Metal can causing head movements to be seen
While some bang in earnest and some are just joking around
Those images of head banging are not the kind that I mean.

I was thinking of the effects we bring forth with our choices
How our repeating a questionable action causes us to reflect
When we look back and wonder what we were then thinking
Questioning our motives, wondering if we still have respect.

They say hindsight is 20/20 and we search for our mistakes
Too often we find that what is most in question is our heart
Emotions and desires can lead us down paths we will regret
We might even know what could happen before we start.

After it is over, we can look back and say “What have I done”
But when we repeat the same course of action time after time
We realize there is no reason to bang our head against a wall
Admit it was where the heart led us and over the wall climb.


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