Home III

by Jem Croucher

It’s always with some pleasure
when I have been away
Getting closer to my home
at the end of a long day

Yesterday met that description
hook, line and total sinker
Eighteen hours, give or take
(It really was a stinker)!

But all that’s now behind me
and I can rest, relax and chill
Safe here in the knowledge that
my home will that gap fill

Photo – Jempics


4 Comments to “Home III”

  1. Jem….I can relate
    Home Again
    I just spent 2 days flying from Victoria BC to Ottawa Ontario
    A legal matter to attend
    Most of the time I languished
    In airports waiting
    An early St Patricks Day drink
    A highlight of the 2 long days
    Was fun

    Arriving home at 12 am
    A relief surrounds me now
    To sit on the couch
    In front of the fireplace
    A laptop and poems to spun

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