a sense

by John S

I’ve opined so to watch the sun recede
and stayed as stars emerged and glint to greet.

I’ve sat for time entranced by waves of foam
on soft white sands, and time, the lull my own.

I’ve pondered over rhyme and reasons why
these wordish things that come and go descry

the foundling sense of who I am to be –
in poet stock or simply my esprit.

A manner like dear Blossom could invoke
as hip, thunderstruck, or just a joke.

And I, with rights to be who, as I can
will write, or sing the song like this began.


One Comment to “a sense”

  1. John S…..to the point

    A Hot Deal in BC Canada
    They say there are 5 senses
    Smell,sight, hearing, touch and ESP
    I have discovered a 6th sense
    That seems to follow me
    The sense of picture poet
    A gift in my DNA
    And a good dictionary
    Makes for a pleasant day

    Four calendars I did buy
    One was young puppies
    Another young cats
    Sunsets and landscapes
    Round out the rest

    Stumbling into Poet’s Corner
    I find myself overwhelmed
    To discover so many friends
    Enjoyed their poetry
    Is what they do best

    Thank you!!!!

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