A “Game Show Budget From A Game Show Host President” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

trust me game show

When I watched game shows growing up, the losers always went home with “a lovely parting gift.” I can picture Trump and Bannon signing off on the budget and laughing. That budget could be called “a lovely parting gift” for the old, the sick and the poor, while advancing all their Swamp Buddies to the Bonus Rounds, where they play for the real money.

I was thinking about a budget limerick when I came upon a limerick contest that required using bust, bussed or robust. I put ’em together and what did I get…. bibidi babidi boo…

Bragging his brand is robust
And ignoring the country’s disgust,
Trump seeks personal gain
From dishing out pain….
What’s his next show, “Who Don’t You Trust?”

One Comment to “A “Game Show Budget From A Game Show Host President” Limerick”

  1. Joel…great economic analysis

    Three Budgets
    In this world there are 3 budgets
    The Good,,,The Bad….and The Ugly
    A Clint Eastwood version
    Much like a spaghetti western
    Only without the pasta

    Three budgets clandestine
    The good,,,for the voters you need
    The Bad…for other people that you’ll never please
    The Ugly…..hiddden among the rest
    So less people can see
    It’s the one I want to see the most
    To see how things will be

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