That Feeling..

by Tanya

That feeling
of not being there
where you wished
to be

Of not being there
where your heart is..
For its not just a goal to be achieved,
but a dream to be fulfilled

Where your heart is
The mind needs to be guided
Your hardwork needs to be directed
The Focus needs to be established

The mind needs to be guided
To confront and overcome
That feeling
Of Fear, Of Despair..



4 Comments to “That Feeling..”

  1. Tanya….despair is a lesson
    Despair is a lesson
    Remedies are not taught in school
    Fear follows with it
    Outsiders see a fool

    Don’t pay outsiders any heed
    Go seek what’s in your heart
    And find what you need

    Surround yourself with positive vibes
    Avoid wavelengths that take you down
    Find a pillow plump and round
    Have a dream about tommorrow
    A dream so profound

  2. I loved this so much! I have felt the same thing you are showing – the mind and heart in conflict. I think this is common problem and it is so interesting how everyone seems to deal with it differently. I decided to let the heart make the decision the last time I got married, 3rd time is the charm. Nicely done!

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