A “Re-writing The Unreality TV Script” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

unreality tv

Low approval ratings. That’s a surprise that President Trump didn’t see coming. How could he after he had such an impressive victory and crushed his opponent in the election, facts about the popular vote notwithstanding? Now his Unreality TV Presidency may be in jeopardy of being cancelled because the people who did not vote in the election and the educated middle class white women who did not want Hillary Clinton to be the first woman President are realizing what a terrible mistake they made. It was these two groups that turned the election and, hopefully, they will have the power to correct the mistake. Trump seems to have forgotten where babies come from and what the most powerful force on Earth is. You don’t mess with Mother Nature without severe consequences, which in this case will save America….And it led to this…..

Trump’s delusional euphoria’s expired
And now knee deep in his bullshit, we’re mired.
He fears what he hears
In the void between his ears…..
Women screaming, “YOU’RE FIRED!!!”

2 Comments to “A “Re-writing The Unreality TV Script” Limerick”


  2. Joel….such negativity!….you have taken out the ‘sweet out of my sweet potato…. in this time of toil and tumble… a little levity is required….think of Voltaire and Socrates…

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