May I?

by markfahmy


If you’re going through hell,
May I be your drops of rain?
If in your sadness you dwell,
May I ease some of your pain?

If the world has gone black in your melancholic eyes,
May I be a your candles giving out light?
If you’re sinking deeply in your cries,
May I, for once, become your white knight?

If all you know is grief,
and all you feel is ache,
May I become your sigh of relief?
Or a hand of support that you can take?

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7 Comments to “May I?”

  1. Mark… excellent proposal….
    Tour Offer
    Note this is not your regular tour
    For those who’ve been to Hell and back
    Survey the people around you
    Your problems will appear like knick knacks

    You have a giving heart
    And a pure soul
    Why help a senior
    And shoval the depressing snow?

  2. May I….love your life,….to begin

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