by kim blades, writer



Ethereal, feathery wisps,

puffy, cushioney pompoms,

ominous charcoal giants

threatening from up high –

clouds are the children

of Water and Earth

cradled in the Sky.


Father Water begets

from oceans and streams

rivers, lakes and dams,

spawning all clouds

which later release

torrential hail,

dowdy drizzle

or serene snow


After which Heaven’s

blue bosom is bare.


My own photo





2 Comments to “Clouds”

  1. Kim, Wow! I loved the transit from clouds of all types to rain and then the clearing of the sky. Such a great circle. And your descriptions were so eloquent! Excellent!!!

  2. Thank you. I’m glad the poem elicited such an enthusiastic response. That’s what all poets/writers want.

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