Ode To Pigeon…

by Harry

Submitted by loppolouie

Praise the dirty bird.
Not of sight,
not of mess
around this town.

Chasing their rainbows
a convention of
bird-lovers line
this street.

Oh brother
walk this tightrope
with me.

A hero, believe it
or not.
Not your average

Please spare us
your criticism.

We are the helpers
of this bird-like

Have a great day
& please
remember your
fine feathered friends.

One Comment to “Ode To Pigeon…”

  1. Louie…. a generous gesture

    Pigeons Create Employment
    When I think of a pidgeon
    I think of statutes and their demise
    If it’s not from grafetti
    From idle minds
    It’s from pidgeon excrement
    Lack of toilets you’ll find

    Get out your gloves and clean it up
    A good feeling will surround you
    Think about the Father of AC current
    Nikolai Tesla
    Would appreciate what you do

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