Clickety Clack trains go past (children)

by Colly


train photo




I see a train go down the track.

Train’s go fast along the rails.

To deliver and pick up loads along the trails.


Clickety Clack Clickety Clack


A big, red, cabin is the first to see.

The engineer waves to me.


Inside a motor powers the train.

So that grain, coal and box cars are delivered again.


Chugga Chugga Toot Toot

Clickety Clack Clickety Clack

Cling Clang Cling Clang


Trains make a lot of noise.

Sometimes box cars are full of toys.


Chugga Chugga, now, inline are five, orange, box cars.

Inside, the grain stays dry if it rains.


Chugga Chugga Toot Toot

Some black tank cars full of coal

shake off soot and make the brown ground black.


Oh, look!

Now, what do I see?

A cattle car rattles on past.

Those cows must find the scenery pretty.

While they pass through the city.


Clickety Clack Cling Clang,

A big ship loads fish onto the train.

That train will travel far again.


I hear a cluck and I hear a coo.

As if those cows had nothing to do.

Next to them chickens bock and stew.


Clickety clack Clickety Clack

Hope this train will soon be back.

(clip art photo)




8 Comments to “Clickety Clack trains go past (children)”

  1. Colly……..I felt I was in the baggage car as a hobo
    Just Got In
    I caught the 3:10 from Yuma
    A train that was heading west
    To the land of opportunity
    A shot I’ll give my best
    The train slips off the tracks
    A clamity ensues
    Pandemonium sets out
    Leaves my journey in doubt

    Animals like zebras, hippos and the like
    Other passengers on the train
    I felt I was on Noah’s ark
    Grabbing my scirbbler and notebook
    This was not a weird dream

    So…we finally get into Yuma
    A story I have to tell
    A gust of wind seizes my work
    Nary to be seen again

    Something to tell my grandchildren
    Where would I begin?

  2. Yes, My Dear!! You are exactly on the right track with your idea to use this as a children’s book! It is really great and creates a wonderful feel. That was the first thought into my head as soon as I started reading it. Bravo! Now see what you have started, though?? Now we all want More stories about the Clickety Clack train! Another J.K Rowlings??? Hope so.

    • If I ever get even a few pr-school writes published I’ll be a very happy person. I’m thinking this one may need further twigging. Maybe it could use a few more cars, who knows…The length may be too short? And thank you for your helpful input 🙂

      • Thanks for your response! Hope this will encourage to proceed on the “track” you are going on. I think you could really make a series out of the train idea. It worked for “Thomas”?? Start doing some research and field testing at some local preschools for their “Story time”? Research and testing will show you if you need to tweak things. Fun read!

      • Thank you so much for the helpful suggestions; and I’m sure reading the story to preschoolers would help to twig any grey areas 🙂

      • Colly….take some kindergarten kids for a train ride….much like a magical carpet ride

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