A “Repeal, Replace And Bury” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

healthcare for all

The President and his Republican henchmen in Congress are trying to keep their promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. They have run into a little snag – their constituents have realized that when they do, they are going to get screwed. And those facing re-election in 2018 are not liking the backlash which is telling them that they are vulnerable to losing their jobs and having to go back to the same real world as their constituents and deal with the consequences that the repeal will have on their own ability to have affordable healthcare for themselves. Nothing like a little equality to get them to rethink the whole thing….And that led to this….

At least we’re not being misled.
“The choice will be yours,” the Republicans said.
We’ll get less and pay more,
And the old, sick and poor….
Will realize they’re better off dead!

Which may  be what Bannon has been going for all along.

2 Comments to “A “Repeal, Replace And Bury” Limerick”

  1. Joel….you struck close to home
    Reduce,Reushorese and Bury
    I recall the nuclear catastrophe
    In Japan not so long ago
    A nuclear plant operated by TEPCO
    The nuclear waste did flow
    Fautyt water tanks
    Improperly installed
    Was not a pleasant show
    The nuclear waste reach
    Our Pacific shore
    Landed on our beach
    A container with came into our reach

    The motor cycle now restored
    Went to a Detroit auto show
    Let’s put our nuclear heads together
    And prevent this occurence
    And get in the know

  2. Bannon is E V I L!!!! 💩👿👺💩

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