A “Consumer Protection Defection” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

nutritional label

The Consumer Protection Agency is about to become a thing of the past. Consumer Protection is in direct conflict with corporate profits. Safety, shmafety. They’ll take away a woman’s right to choose because abortion is murder, but we’ll kill the kids after they’re born by removing child safety from food, clothing, and toys. No hypocrisy there. Maybe if the Republicans can find a way to make money off of Planned Parenthood….just thinking out loud…And it led to this….

Keeping with the new status quo,
Consumer protection’s the next thing to go.
As soon as they’re able
The nutritional label…
Will say, “You don’t need to know.”

4 Comments to “A “Consumer Protection Defection” Limerick”

  1. Laughing on the outside (crying on the inside). Seriously, this made me laugh. Great!

  2. Joel,,,, a orofound and insightful poem!

    With All The Clicks on The Keyboard
    As we approach privacy and security
    I wonder about an airport check
    I recentlly went to Ottawa
    My coin, my keys, my belt
    Just no respect

    They conficated all the juices I had
    200 ml is all they allowed
    Is the lack of privacy
    Like joining a nudist camp
    Next time
    Let them see how prepared I am

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