What’s Your Take?

by Colly




You can’t compete with the wanderer as they’ll never let you β€œin.”

You can’t compete with the dreamer as they’ll never have just one.

You can’t compete with the heart as it’s as fickle as timbre drums.

You can’t compete with the soul as it will never forgo deaths door.


There are those that express contempt; they’ll never relent to vent.

There are those that are an open tome; silken pages within a room.

There are those that vocalize with their teeth or sharp, roving eyes.

There are those whose bitter truth’s lead them to lie what is inside.


4 Comments to “What’s Your Take?”

  1. Such a great post, Colly! What a clear eyed view of reality. So nice!

  2. Hurrah Colly….you struck a few dormant nerves

    Give or Take
    That is the question
    To be a giver or receiver
    Is imperative to you and me

    To dig with our inner most
    To watch them like a peacock`s display
    Will make this world
    On a whimsical day

    • Oh thank you so much Russ; I may have by happenstance ruffled a few feathers…I’m disappointed with the ending of this as I didn’t write my initial thoughts down fast enough, rats!! Thanks for you feedback, much appreciated !!

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