Poem of the Day – Broken Steam

by paturnerlee

Broken Steam


Slaves to dreams, to memories; to fallen friends

Or were they just companions: overtly closed hearted, hiding

Residing in the world of pain; the strain of reason

A seasonal challenge


Fire busting through thin paper walls

Falling in clouds of dust

Unjust but inevitable as the person returns to one

To come to an end in loneliness; where it began


Fresh billowing winds blow crumbs of torn paper from the soul

Told a different story

Believe in violent outcomes internally

Content with the same reactionary state


Late comers turned away from a happy occasion

Elation not flowing in rivers and streams

It seems a flat bed of shingle beats the sound of the sea


Not anymore

The tide has risen

The tears are sucked into the sand


March 11th 2017

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

One Comment to “Poem of the Day – Broken Steam”

  1. Excellent! Loved your way with words and emotions. Especially – “Fresh billowing winds blow crumbs of torn paper from the soul”. Great imagery.

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