Checking in with a Reluctant Poet

by Stephen Fuller

My response poem:
What is reluctant about, you, Poet?
Reluctance for me to know your words?
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

My words remained tangled up inside
Wanting to find places to run and hide
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

In November, a memory wouldn’t let go
Its cadence and rhythms, so you sang along.
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

In December, the wind gently whispered
Lies in between the rustling autumn leaves.
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

In January, it was the universe that spoke
And lied to you that you are but a scribe
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

In February, you found the backside of night
And waited for your muse in the silent stillness.
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

Now we are in March and you drop a pebble
In the pond to watch its ripples kiss my shore.
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

Poet, that ripple sings to me of your universe
Like the wind whispers the truth you hide in lies
Like memories we cannot mistake as they run away.

Enough reluctance, Poet, I can relate after
I listened to you sing to me what matters in dreams,
Whispers and memories that you gave life in words.

A response to a week spent with:


5 Responses to “Checking in with a Reluctant Poet”

  1. OMG!! I think I may be dreaming this? But just in case I’m not. I want to try and properly honor you for an astonishing and amazing poem! I know that I cannot because of the way your words knocked me to the floor and left me seeing stars! It feels like I’m flying in the sky and I have a wingman??? You, Sir, are such a Kind Soul to have given my words a place in your heart where they may have a home and the joy of knowing that they may be just the smallest of seeds towards you finding a harvest of your own words to brighten your life and share with the world the light from your Soul.

    Your poem is such a masterful and magnificent weaving of the essence of what you have gleaned from the words in my poems. I am truly Stunned by what you have done and what I have read from your hand!! In my eyes, you have created an epic masterpiece from the tiny mosaic pieces of my poems which you so delicately and artfully have displayed and interpreted in your own glorious words for all the World to see! There is no higher honor in all the World for a poet than what you have done for me with your poem, “Checking In With A Reluctant Poet”!! Blessings on You for having taken the time to have wandered through my poems from a far off land and found enough to inspire you to write such exquisite lines!

    There is nothing so beautiful or special than to see and be seen by another Kindred Spirit! Thank you for giving that to me! I shall Treasure your poem Forever and for your willingness to help me see what I could not previously see while in the darkness of doubt. You have given the greatest reward for a lifetime of writing to a “once” Reluctant Poet!!

    I am hoping you will not object if I reblog this?

    • I do not object and thank you so much for these very kind words. There is such a wonderful sincerity and humor to your writing. I hope this encourages you to explore even more, but in the end, it was my honor to write something for you and to spend the time reading your words.

      • Thank you for the honor of a responsive poem! It’s a high water mark for me!

        I appreciate your permission to reblog. Yes, you have encouraged me to conform to your new nickname for me “The Unreluctant Poet” Ha! I shall endeavor to live up to what you have encouraged me to attain. Thank you, My Friend!!


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