a walk in the snow

by Singledust

Come he said
And I followed
Putting my heart
In his hands
Take the path
Down south
And I said, yes
I will follow

And he showed me Snow
Like I have never seen before
White covered ground
Bare trees, winter Sun
And we listened to
The same Sound
As we walked the quiet winter ground
And He took me by surprise
with his thought and care
even stopping once or twice
to mould and hold fresh Fallen
freezing white ice

And I melted
like the fresh
fallen snow
that he held
In his warm
bare Hands
Like he was
holding me,
Bare and exposed

On one cold
winter’s morning
When we Arose
Before we took
A Walk in the Snow
And the warm
winter sun Smiled
On both our souls


3 Comments to “a walk in the snow”

  1. This is just too beautiful, emotional and sensual! It is so wonderful the way you can weave your words and lay so much “unspoken” between the lines! I love the intrigue you hide from view (sort of). Love the lines (as I’m sure you guessed) –
    “In his warm
    bare Hands
    Like he was
    holding me,
    Bare and exposed”


    • Thanks Charles! I haven’t held snow or walked this walk, but I imagine it just like this, and I know you loved the little lines! For now this all just my imagination!

  2. Well, here is hoping that you experience the reality – sooner would be better? Keep sharing your “little lines” (that’s sarcasm, and quite the opposite)

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