Love Lost

by Tanya

I expect when I see you
I give when I meet you

But today
That spark didn’t ignite
That delight I couldn’t find
That life You didn’t mind

For today
That hug wasn’t felt
My heart just didn’t melt
That feeling just didn’t swell

Our love
It just wasn’t felt!



6 Comments to “Love Lost”

  1. All I can say is, o’dear.

  2. Tanya….my condolences…
    Planetary Love
    Having lost love before
    I thought of reasons why?
    Was it the planetary alignment?
    Or the stars in the sky?

    But…I forsee hope
    On the horizon
    For somewhere far away
    Seven new planets discovered
    Give me hope for another day

    • Though I haven’t lost out on my love, but it’s great to see how well the words connected. I wrote it describing a temporary moment so.. 🙂
      But then I truly loved the idea of hope that you forsee..Something which I can think about and look up to! 🙂

  3. This was a perfect image of a sudden jolt to the heart! Painful to hear. Glad to know it was just a temporary thing. Very well captured. Nice to have it written down??

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