An “Advice For New Parents” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I am no expert on parenting. I have thirty five years of experience and I know that it is a continuous education, they will always be your babies and  John Lennon couldn’t have been any more right – ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. If you approach parenthood with an open mind and an open heart, God Willing, the kids will be just fine. Of course they need to be protected from danger, educated and taught to be self reliant and taught to be respectful of their fellow man. Clearly, the Republican Congress needs a refresher course in parenting and they need to treat this country and their constituents as their children. But this is not a political post even though I couldn’t help myself with that last remark. Hopefully, this little limerick may go along way towards helping new parents just starting out and everyone else trying to cope with the dirty diapers now running this country…for now.

When you’re struggling with diapers that stink,
It is pretty easy to think,
How long will this last?
It’s going to change really fast….
And my advice to you is don’t blink!

KEEP THE FAITH AND FOLLOW THE GOSPEL OF JOHN (and I am not talking about the Bible though it certainly gives the same message to those who truly believe in God.)


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