Russia-gate Limerick #5

by Joel Kravitz

Trump alleged that President Obama had a wiretap placed in Trump Tower. He has offered no proof. Just when you think that the White House can’t sink any lower, they always find a way. How long can this go on? I am beginning to think that the GOP is setting him up. They have what they wanted, the Presidency and a majority in both houses of Congress. Once they are done using him as a diversion and get their “rich get richer, poor get poorer” legislative agenda completed, they are going to toss him to the curb. I hope they enjoy their power while they have it, because we still live in a Democracy and in four years we’ll do it again and flip everything back. And all that led to this….

Trump’s unsubstantiated wiretap claim
Is part of his attack and counterattack game.
How low will he reach?
Low enough to impeach.
He’s only bringing the Presidency shame.


3 Comments to “Russia-gate Limerick #5”

  1. He already has brought the Presidency to shame

  2. its like living in a really far-fetched spy novel…

  3. Joel….interesting take….I believe the Donald will last 100 days….if he finds himself on the curb…he will open a lemonade stand….

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