by Anita Lubesh

lamplight of soul.jpg

A soft lamplight of soul
clings, hidden in honeysuckle’s
straggly vine hollows,
it gives vacant worship
to the scented sprigs of omnipotence
traversing the climbing frame
permeating olfactory nerves –
aloof and untouched,
analogous to antenna.
No thorns here, but sweet musings
under velvet eaves’
rained jets of tears that stain
and mar the complexity of
patterns ingrained on leafy palms
upturned to catch naught but
the rose’s squat tealight tears,
which drip viscose
melancholy, while also asking
for forgiveness.


6 Comments to “Lamplight”

  1. Another incredible read as always. I should say it more often but I always so enjoy your writing. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • Wow, that is so nice to read. Thank you. I know myself, with time constraints, it is not always easy, and I vow one day spent commenting as there is such an abundance, and I’d hate anyone to be discouraged. Thank you, Alisa.

      • You are very welcome. I realized how many people I read weekly and always enjoy their words so immensely. I don’t say it often enough. I often get lost in the words and fog out in my dreamy thoughts lol.

      • Actually, commenting can be hard. I served for 10 years on a writing site, mentoring youngsters and old, and commenting became a way of life…but not always easy. Here, I am intimidated, lol. Besides time, I can use that lost thing lol, because it is handy, but true. Then you get lost with that, ‘oh shit, I am crap’. I do appreciate, and have leaned a ‘like’ here is as good (as in support) as a comment. I don’t sweat it anymore. Ty all the same. I hear you.

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