We Have Only Ourselves: Inauguration 2017

by scatterednotebooks


An overwhelming sense of foreboding
that only time will tell;
Will we be sucked into darkness
and follow the hordes to hell,

or will we, with vigilance and conscience,
look around us with far seeing eyes?
Will we walk with heads raised, ears listening,
and filter the truth from the lies?

Will we brook no abuse or mistreatment,
find our voice and speak out where we should?
Will we stand up and stick up for each other,
and become our own change for the good?

If we tuck hands in pockets and lay our heads low,
we have only ourselves to blame.
Though the die is cast and settled,
doesn’t mean it’s the end of the game.

© L. Rose (1/20/2017)

Written the night of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration of Trump.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments. Thank you for reading!

6 Comments to “We Have Only Ourselves: Inauguration 2017”

  1. Not the end of the game.
    Politicians run to their own course..

  2. Scattered….reminds me of entering Grade One and all the trepedations…soon to be dispelled

  3. Loved this! Yes, there is foreboding and a sense of embarrassment in the eyes of the world. Still seems like a bad dream that is getting worse. “just my opinion”. Are you a lamb entering the Lion’s den?

  4. An exceptional write – so positive where I want to be negative, so hopeful where I want to despair . . . Thanks for the gift!

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