Russia-gate Limericks 3 & 4

by Joel Kravitz

His Russian connections are under attack,
And Trump responds by tweeting smack.
A minor memory lapse
And alleged wiretaps….
Yet, the GOP still has his back?!?!?

Mocking his “Make America Great Again” expression,
Trump’s tweeting with reckless indiscretion,
He’s dissing Russia-gate
Which may determine his fate….
And he’s sure making a guilty impression!

2 Responses to “Russia-gate Limericks 3 & 4”

  1. Joel…an interesting observation
    Days Gone Past
    I’m forced to think of days gone past
    Days of Pascal and Babbage
    Computers that still have last
    Time has come today
    To ponder free speech
    And not to be serious
    Of those who constantly tweet


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