I Whisper to the Ground

by Stephen Fuller

My son on my shoulders, I walk
Through the crowd at the carnival
I lift him wishing he could lift me
So we could ascend under Mary’s umbrella

When the winds shift from left to right
Together jump into a chalk paint dream
I will defend my family from the venom
I will defend my family from the hurt
I will defend my family from the drugs
Needed to sort through this red and blue
Mess. We will purple them together,
A much happier color for the new shoes
I walk in with my son on shoulders.

I whisper to the ground:

I, too, am afraid of everyone.

I, too, feel them swallowing my soul.

In response to The National’s “Afraid of Everyone” written by Matt Berninger and Aaron Dessner off their album, High Violet


11 Responses to “I Whisper to the Ground”

  1. Read more, you forgot read more.

  2. S Francis….very vivid
    Upon absorbing this poem
    Rainbows come to mind
    Red, orange, yellow, green
    Blue, indigo and violet
    Are friends of mine

    Ponder at the end of this rainbow
    There is a pot of gold
    Cherish these precious moments
    With your son
    Tell your grand children
    As more adventures
    Will unfold

  3. This was a great post! Loved the memory you generated with the “son on my shoulders”. Thanks for your referral of Emily from your site!! She liked “The Backside Of The Night” so I suggested she join us in trying to get a meme going! Ha!


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