by Jem Croucher


Animals, they’re wonderful
so many of them here
Always serve to cheer me up
whenever they are near
So this week you’ll find me writing
and starting here right now
about an animal each day
beginning with the cow

They really are quite special
(in particular their ears)
The little bovine faces
often bringing me to tears
So I will always say ‘hello’
when passing by a herd
And quite often they’ll reciprocate
with a ‘Moo’, if not a word


Photo – Jempics


10 Comments to “Cows”

  1. That is cute. The picture as well as the poem. 🙂

  2. Jem…how bovinlicious!
    There is a football team in Wisconsin
    Green Bay Packers is their name
    The area is the dairy capital
    Cheese Heads is their nick-name

    Then there are cows from New Jersey
    A state close to New York
    They need to have a nick-name
    And a stall the needs a pitch fork

    I feel sorry for lactose intolerants
    Who cannot have milk
    No milk in my soups and Baileys
    It would not be pleasant to me

  3. Oh, they’re the sweetest! That’s a darling poem, it is.

  4. I live in what you could call a country area, people let their cows loose wandering the streets. Do you know Hindus revere the cows? They’re not for eating.

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