A “Reluctant Pundit” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

I have been resisting and protesting Donald Trump the best way I know how – by using my limericks to bring attention to the  Un-American and Un-Democratic things that he says and does. He likes to call things “sad.” What’s sad is that we have a President intent on blowing smoke up America’s ass. As a Baby Boomer who saw how people standing up against bigotry and discrimination and then the Viet Nam War were able to bring about change, I feel it is my patriotic duty to use my voice now when I see bigotry and hate making a revival and a President who will take this country into war. But believe me, I wish my voice was being used for what God gave it to me to do with it – make people laugh and smile. Hopefully, I have been able to do both while getting my points across.

I am an outspoken, cheeky bloke
Who knows that there’s fire where there is smoke.
I’m not a pundit by choice,
But I must raise my voice…..
Though I’d rather write a flatulence joke!

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